We expect kittens around mid June from their parents:


Father                                                  Mother


  Esbjerg's FELIX L.                             ROSSI Dajatera*PL 

Pedigree of kittens



Below is our plan for the second half of the year:

Father                                                Mother


ONYKS Dajatera*PL                           FANUILOS MIR

                               Pedigree of kittens                              



Here you can see our previous litters:

Norwegian Forest:

 "A"     "B"     "C"    "D"     "E"    "F"    "G"     "H"     " I "     "J"

"K"     "L"     "M"     "N"     "O"     "P"     "Q"     "R"     "S"     "K-2"

"V"      "M-2"    "U"     "X"     "Z"     "A-2"    "B-2"     "E-2"    "F-2"

"G-2"     "J-2"     "L-2"   "O-2"   "S-2"    "R-2"     "T-2"


Russian Blue:

"T"      "I-2"    "W"     "Y"     "C-2"    "D-2"     "H-2"    "N-2"    "P-2"




Our cats, kittens and dog are  cared for by doctors:

62-561 Ślesin, Targowa 25


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