There were always animals in our home. When my 8 years old grand daughter Dajana started living with us (she always tried to please and be nice and had no problems at school), she wanted to have her own animal. Out of a few ideas of hers - we decided to buy a cat. She did not want any cat.... it had to be the most beautiful one. The adults' dreams were even bigger. First we had to read a lot of literature and discuss a lot of things regarding the cat. We have a pretty good size home with a garden - perfect conditions to start a cutlery.

            In November of 2001, we went with Dajana to a cat show to Poznan. The most beautiful were 3 red Norwegian forest wood kittens. We knew this race well by then, we used to have a male norwegian forest cat before. Great! That's what we wanted, and the red hair was perfect. Dajana loved kittens and the owner who obviously took good care of them - the entire littler looked very well. After we came back home we prepared everything for our new pet. When everything was ready we made a call to Ms. Ania and 2 red cats came to our home for a visit: Bafi and Basti - we had to choose one. The choice was not easy, both cats looked and acted differently, both were beautiful. At last we decided to keep Bafi, that very quickly felt in our home like in her own. She chose the new owner (Dajana) and they loved each other from the first moments. Bafi was full of grace and beauty, and quickly became the favorite in the house. She always loved to show off her beauty to the guests.

            Shortly after, came time to attend first shows. Dajana always showed her cat by herself at the shows. She was a beautiful cat and quick titles from the shows made us feel that we made the right choice. Our dreams were coming true. We decided it was time for Bafi to be a mom. Soon she had a litter of adorable small healthy bunch of little kittens. We especially liked one of the baby girls which was becoming more beautiful as time passed. We decided to keep Arissa in our home.

           Cattery was to grow. In spring 2004 we bought a male kitten from Austria to live with us. As of July 12th 2004 Zulus was included in our household.


When it was time to name the cattery, there was a few ideas, but at last the name was created by connecting Grandmother's and my Granddaughter's names.


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