The breed was mentioned for the first time in norwegian mythology. In norwegian fables those particular cats are presented as a personality with lots of magic powers.
       They are very smart and agile. Even though the cats are raised mostly in catteries these days, they have stayed very clever and kept their hunting spirit. 
       They have an elongated trunk and long legs. They have wide eyes. They have brush like top of the ears and between the toes. They belong to the family of semi-long haired cats, where summer coat is shorter than the winter one. During winter time, they get a "collar" around the neck which is made of longer hair. Their tail remains similar to fox's tail all year long.
       They quickly attach to the owner and are very loyal to them.
They are playful and easy going. They love trips to the woods and you can walk them without the leash - just like a dog. They are very thankful and great friends of the family but wary of strangers. 


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